Playlist : Elly Kace ft. Jasmine Mendoza , Kramer, Sprints, Siv Disa, Caroline, Fine Place, Cat Power, CASisDEAD, Lowertown, Land of Talk, Walt Disco, Sola, Pictish Trail, Horsegirl, Mess Esque, Jockstrap, The Reds Pinks and Purples, Jasmyn, Just Mustard, Sega Bodega, yeule, Speed Training, Greet Death, Mandy Indiana, Papercuts, Ibeyi ft. Pa Salieu, Cassandra Jenkins, Maya Shenfeld, Aesop Rock x Blockhead, Boris


These 30 songs and videos hit me in November. Play Loud. Go on an Adventure!

Elly Kace  ft. Jasmine Mendoza  - See 


Kramer – The Rain 

Sprints – Modern Job

Siv Disa – Beat 7

Caroline – IWR

Fine Place – Cover Blind

Cat Power - Pa Pa Power

CASisDEAD  - Boys Will Be Boys

Lowertown – Burn On My Own 

Land of Talk - Calming Night Partner

Walt Disco – Macilent

Sola - You Don't Have To Say

Pictish Trail - Melody Something

Horsegirl – Billy

Mess Esque  - Wake Up To Yesterday

Jockstrap - 50/50

The Reds, Pinks and Purples - Don't Come Home Too Soon

Jasmyn - Find The Light

Just Mustard - I Am You

Sega Bodega - I Need Nothing From You

yeule - Friendly Machine

Speed Training - High Treason

Greet Death - Your Love Is Alcohol

Mandy, Indiana - Bottle Episode

Papercuts-  Try Baxter's Bliss

Ibeyi  ft. Pa Salieu -  Made of Gold

Cassandra Jenkins – New Bikini (First Take)

Maya Shenfeld -  Body, Electric

Aesop Rock x Blockhead - Flamingo Pink

Boris - Drowning by Numbers